As mentioned in our previous blog, COVID-19 forced us to spend more time in our homes than we ever imagined possible. But not only office life moved from our desks to the kitchen table. Children were no longer allowed to go to school either. For most parents, finding the balance between finishing their to-do lists, Zoom meetings and homeschooling has been proven to be quite challenging. Luckily, the world is starting to open up more and more and kids are (in some countries) allowed to go back to school. Which raises a new issue. How safe are the classrooms? And is there anything that can be done to improve the indoor air quality in schools?

Too cool for school

Ventilate for five minutes every 20 minutes. This is the official recommendation of the Federal Environment Agency for hygiene concepts in German schools. But in the middle of the winter, opening the windows for five minutes is not ideal. Fortunately, the students at the Goetheschule can profit from clean indoor air without freezing in class. As part of a pilot project, Lynatox donated an air purifying system to the Goetheschule Ilmenau in Germany.

Mapping out air flows
The engineers at CE-SYS Engineering GmbH were able to demonstrate how the air flows in a room using a 3D-simulation. Mapping out this air flow helped determine where the Lynatox devices should be installed in order to filter the air in the room not only quickly, but also completely. This is a very important step, since a badly placed air purifier can have the same effect as incorrect ventilation.

A healthy learning environment
Even though the pilot with Lynatox in the Goetheschule was a great success and an innovative step to create a safe classroom, we have to look towards the future too. The past year has clearly shown us the importance of clean indoor air and how to achieve that. So let’s strive to create a healthy learning environment for both students and teachers now, but also after this pandemic.

Do you want to create a healthy environment in your school? Lynatox helps to control air quality, temperature, and ventilation amongst other things. Schedule a call with one of our specialists to see how we can help you.